5 Years On

5 years ago, we donned mortar boards and Harry Potter-esque robes. We walked on stage and collected our scrolls. We heard musings about the 4 years we had spent together at the Singapore Management University, and speeches which were meant to inspire us for what lay ahead. We were young, clueless and excited. We were happy the days of freeloading projects group mates, zany presentations, rushing to meet deadlines of papers and fighting for class participation were over, yet we knew in our hearts those 4 years were among the best times of our lives.

I met a bunch of my friends from university to celebrate our 5th year graduation anniversary and were just thinking about how the years flew past so quickly. But one in the group mentioned, that if we actually sat down and thought about how much has happened in the last 5 years, it was not quick at all. So true. 
Since leaving the halls of SMU, we've gone on to do many things that we probably never even thought of while toting our laptops through the concourse, mugging in the library, or enjoying the many extra curricular activities.

Since graduation, 

I got married to a charming young man I had met while rock climbing in SMU.

We bought a home together.

I made difficult decisions.

I have left things/organisations/places I loved.

I took on a career in the public service dealing with international relations. 
At the climate change negotiations
My work allowed me to see parts of the world that were never in my sphere of consciousness.

Flat tire in Angola
Azure waters of Palau
Ruins in Panama
I have met many people who have inspired me and enlarged my horizons
At an ancient church in Armenia with my Albanian friend

Much has also happened around us. And our world has changed. 

Looking back to the past 5 years, I can trace the hand of God in my life and I am thankful that He has always led me and been with me through the ups and downs. 

5 years on, how has your life changed?

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