Day 61-63 Last Days of the Break

The last 3 days of my break from the office was spent doing stuff for project dream home: looking for a good framing place for our new painting, looking for parts for DIY projects, and heading to Jb to buy lights and other fixtures.
Day 61: tank top from Mauritius, denim Capri pants that I have worn since I was 15. They used to be jeans which got shortened and tapered several years ago because I don't like wearing jeans. But they have been hiding in my closet for awhile cos they look kinda "Aunty". But perfect for a day out riding on the back of a bike.
Day 62: black tank top from Bangkok, green shorts a hand me down, rag shoes from Beijing (a steal at $2 from a roadside stall), leather bag. 

I love this leather bag. One of my best buys ever. I got it from a rag-and-bone man who had set up a makeshift stall at a market. He was selling a whole range of old stuff he had picked up along the way and among them was this gem. Some uncles had picked up old Adidas duffle bags for $0.50 so I offered $3 for this leather bag which he bargained up to $4. Mega steal!!! It was a bit grimy so I vaccumed the inside, wiped it down, sunned it for a bit and polished it with some leather oil. Perfect! 
The bag made an appearance again on day 63 when we went to Jb, together with a printed flare skirt I had for 10years, black tank top from Mauritius, leopard print flats from Far East.

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