Day 60: Painting Shopping

Our last morning in Ho Chi Minh was spent on shopping for the painting that Mr Kwek had set his heart on buying.
After trawling many streets, over the last few days, we decided to go back to the backpacker district. And in the end, we bought the painting that we had laid eyes on earlier. I guess that's that thing about art- completely subjective and if you like it, you will always go back to it in the end. Life is like that as well isn't it? 
In a street filled with art stores that sell copies of famous paintings, this store had unique art works which was what captivated us (especially Mr Kwek). 
With painting in hand, we raced back to the hotel, got our stuff and went right to the airport. 

A few hours later, we were strolling around ikea in tampines. The wonders of globalization. The world really is quite small.
Outfit of the day: black maxi dress a hand me down.

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