Day 56: Walking in Circles Round District 1

District 1 is the city centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Armed with a map, a list of recommended restaurants and a list of furniture places, we set out to explore. With no real plan or route, we wandered around and somehow stumbled upon treasures (but also ended up walking in circles at times)

Mr Kwek: Are we walking the right way?
Me: Where are we going?
Mr Kwek: I don't know.
Me: Then any way is the right way :)

Oh so yummy Shibuya toast for supper right across from our hotel. It was teeming with young Vietnamese so we figured it must be good. These young people have really good taste!

At L'usine. Popular among the expats and hipster Vietnamese. Lovely food, laid back ambience, perfect for our holiday.
Outfit for the day: 
Top from Sisley 
Shorts a gift
Bata sandals 
Floppy wide brimmed straw hat which is not really visible in the picture, but so useful when trekking around the hot hot hot city

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