Day 55: OHana in Saigon

For the first few days of this trip, Mr Kwek and I have been traveling with my friends Chin Yee and Siew Geok. Here's a picture of us on a bridge with a gorgeous view of the downtown Saigon skyline.
I got to know these 2 wonderful ladies when I was serving in Oldham Hall (OH), a hostel for foreign students studying in Singapore. For the students staying there (we call them boarders), we tried to make OH a home away from home for them- somewhere along the line the term OHana (family) was coined. 

I believe that God has a wonderful plan for each of our boarders and that He brings them through the doors for OH for a reason. It is always amazing to see how they bloom and where God brings each one of them in their journeys through life. It was therefore a joy that we could meet some of the members of our OHana here in Saigon. And they really treated us like family- bringing us to their favorite eating spots, helping us bargain and get the best prices, introducing us to their history and culture. 
On the first night, Minh Viet brought us to a restaurant in a beautiful colonial bungalow for dinner to sample local delights. He also brought us on a walk around town and to visit his home which had a spectacular view of downtown Saigon. 
The next day, this group of lovely young ladies brought us around the city, showing us the war museum, reunification palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, the general post office, indulging in the best pho (beef noodles) in town, and local ice cream, and bargaining through Ben Thanh market. 
At night, we attended Dzung's beautiful wedding. Dzung's was serving along side us in OH and we are so happy to see her take her step into the next phase of life as a wife. By the way, isn't her gown just stunning?

I also managed to catch up with Anna who was part of the first batch of boarders that I was in charge off. I was only 2 years older than that batch of girls so it was both fun, yet challenging. Too bad we didn't get a chance to get a pic together.

It's such a joy to catch up with our OHana again, and I thank God for this extended family :) As each of them moves on to a fresh phase of their lives- to university, the workforce, post grad studies or family life, I hope that their eyes will be opened to recognize the rich blessings that God has given and the wonderful plans He has for them and that their hearts will respond with love and joy.
Outfit of the day: 
Printed patchwork dress from Bangkok
Bag also from Bangkok

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