Day 57: Cooking Up a Storm

The highlight of the day, and maybe even of the trip has got to be the cooking class we took at Cyclo Resto. It was the #1 restaurant on tripadvisor, but I have no idea why, since we never saw anyone dining there. People mostly just go for the cooking class which is well worth the $30 sgd. 
Foreseeing that we might get dirty, I was dressed in a simple tank top and Mr Kwek's shorts (from the time he was more skinny). 

The day began with a pick up from our hotel and a Cyclo trip to the local wet market. I loved the Cyclo ride. Motorbikes, cars and huge buses were inches from us yet the Cyclo rider was just pedaling along leisurely, confident that all manner of vehicles would somehow make their way around us safely. 

After picking up some ingredients at he wet market, we headed back to the restaurant on the Cyclo. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of a shophouses down a little alleyway. Easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. 

The class started with learning to prepare the ingredients: smashing and chopping onions and garlic (most of which ended up flying on to the floor), peeling and chopping melons and learning to make the marinades.

We learnt how to make several dishes: melon soup (not great), shrimp and pork pancake (yums), claypot fish (yums but boney), and fried spring rolls which tasted more like tempura than the Vietnamese spring rolls that we were familiar with, but yums anyway.

But my favorite part of the cooking class was learning to make decorations with food! We learned to make really thin tomato slices and roll it into a rose, as well has make a tomato swan.

Check out Mr Kwek's swan. Pretty right?

Here are the finished products. 

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