Day 52: Sew Happy

I found this pretty cream corded lace/cotton material at Chinatown when I was shopping for lace for my wedding gown. I'm a real cheapo when it comes to the fabric I buy for my sewing projects, so this was one of the most expensive fabrics that I have ever bought (apart from my wedding gown materials).

I love the way the top turned out- simple and understated. Unfortunately, I don't wear it often as I have to wear a tube top under it and I'm not a fan of wearing many layers. I'm glad this challenge is allowing all my pretty but inconvenient clothes to see the light of day. 

Top from Gan Ann's Sewing Room
Pencil skirt a hand-me-down
Gorgeous suede shoes from Berlin. I always wear these shoes when I feel like adding a touch of glam to my outfits

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