Day 50 and 51: Stretching the Limits of My Closet

Day 50: Jersey blazer with rolled up sleeves from Bangkok
Brown dress from Primark
Leather belt from my Mom

As I cross the 50 day mark of the different outfit everyday challenge, I'm discovering clothes that I usually don't wear because of their fit or that they are not appropriate for the office, and I'm learning to find innovative ways to wear them.

I've read many articles and blogs talking about how a few pieces of separates can create a multitude of outfits by mixing them up. But when I live mostly in 1 piece dresses, there are limits to mixing it up. So I'm learning to stretch those limits.

Take for example my day 51 outfit. I've had this black dress for awhile but I think I've only worn it twice. I bought it as it was on sale and I really liked the length of it. However, when I wore it, I looked like I had just put on a garbage bag. It was dull, there was no shape and I was missing a waist. I was determined to make it work. 

So I matched it with a bright cardigan and wore a thin belt over it. Instant waist! 
Day 51: Dress from Velocity
Cardigan from Bangkok
Belt from G2000
Bag from Italy
(Pls excuse the blurry pic)

Why was I posing next to a big fan? Because I was so amused that it was part of the measures to prevent the haze from entering the building. Now whenever someone steps through the main entrance of our building, they would be greeted with a blast of air from 2 industrial fans. It results in windswept hair for everyone! Hopefully it works in keeping the foul air out.

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