Day 49: I'm a Domestic Goddess

I sewed myself an apron on Sunday, making me a full fledged domestic goddess.*Pats myself on the back*

I've seen lots of pretty aprons at the homeware/cooking/lifestyle shops like Pantry Magic and I Wanna Go Home, and I've always thought to myself, I could do that too. The sewing was basic and all I needed was cloth with pretty prints. So I finally got around to making it a reality. I dug out a pretty piece of orange/red/yellow/white striped print cloth left over from a previous project (I made a clutch bag that was selling for $39 in one of those hipster stores). It was getting slightly spotted due to years of being hidden away, but it doesn't matter as it would soon be splattered with more stains as an apron anyway. I also took out the bright pink bias tape that I bought for cheap on a trip to Malacca (I think I got them for about 40cents each!!).

This was probably the easiest sewing project I have ever done. And I didn't even need a pattern. It's all quite intuitive. I even made a little pocket and an elastic band to hold random utensils, recipes, towels etc. Perfect.

Let me know if you would like a tutorial.
Printed dress from Bonn
Apron from Gan Ann's Sewing Room
Pots and rag from Kwek Kampong Kitchen

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