Day 47: Out of Office

Time out of the office is precious. I had one of those days on Friday. It was the day of the best friend's wedding photoshoot. Unfortunately, the haze broke another record that morning and most of the shoot had to be done indoors. I'm sure they still got lots of lovely shots as the locations they chose were both beautiful and meaningful. The couple was looking ravishing as well :) I'm so looking forward to seeing the photos! Here are some sneak peeks of behind the scenes shots. I don't want to spoil the surprise by showing everyone the full gown now.

The expat wives were amused by the bride and groom with their masks on. They snapped photos of them and promptly proceeded to instagram :)

The live "props"

One of my good friends was back for a short holiday, away from his desert hideout, so a bunch of us met up for dinner at the ever delish New Ubin Seafood. I always love catching up with old friends and meeting new ones along the way. I was too busy enjoying the food and the company that I forgot to take photos. I guess there's always next time.

The day ended with a birthday supper for a lovely lady. 

Good friends, good food, and a good Father in heaven watching over us all. I could not ask for more. 

I was going for comfort in the outfit of the day, in order to survive the stifling heat and haze: pink dress from Bangkok, matching pink mask from Gan Ann's sewing room

I'm a survivor!

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