Day 45: not-sew happy

Today has been a day of not sew happy news in Singapore, and lot's of ups and downs. The PSI is UP and haze situation has reached record hazardous levels, the NEL MRT broke DOWN at peak hour, COE is UP, and on a personal note,I was DOWN with food poisoning.

This food poisoning is happening way too often to me. And I seem to always come down with it after long negotiations trips. Clearly taking a toll on my immune system.

Being on medical is not an excuse for appearing in ugly pajamas, so I here's what I chose to wear: 
Upcycled Shirt from day's closet
Shorts I've had since I was 16. Don't remember where I got them from.

Obviously taking the medicine and sleeping the morning away did me some good and I was feeling much better by the time Mr Kwek came home to take my outfit pic for me.

Today's shirt is an upcycle of my day's old shirt. He was giving away some of his old clothes awhile back and I rummaged through the bag and fished out stuff I could work with. I picked this shirt, cut off the sleeves, trimmed down the sides to my size, finished the edges, and sewed it back together. Of course I'm making it sounds much easier than it was but those with some sewing experience may be able to do it much quicker than me.

I love giving new life to old stuff :) let me know if you have cool stuff to give away. My mom always says I'm a karanguni (rag and bone man)

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