Day 44: Busy Busy

It was a busy busy day. Bright and early, we rushed down to HDB to sign some papers on our new place and decided on the date we will finally get the keys (I can't believe it's actually happening!). After hurrying everyone along, I ran (literally) back to the office for a presentation. Miraculously I made it in time. Thank God. 

During lunch time, it was off to the lawyer's office to sign more papers for our house. I never knew there could be so many papers to sign. The lawyer's office didn't looks very lawyer-ly. In fact this corner with a bunch of books that I'm pretty sure they never refer to was the only thing that made it look remotely like what I imagined a lawyer's office would look like.

Since the lawyer's office was in the neighborhood, I decided to try out the famous Crawford bak chor me for lunch. I had heard all the stories of 45 minute queues! Using google maps, I found my way and I was glad to only wait in line for about 15-20 minutes. My guess is most people were staying in because of this ridiculous haze.

I have to say it was yums, but I'm not sure I would wait in line for 45minutes for that. So maybe this haze season is a good time for you guys to try it out.

I also had a spur of the moment dinner with a great friend whom I haven't met in a long time. It was great catching up over an overload of food. 

Here's today's outfit:

Charcoal dress from City Plaza
Green polka dot cardigan from Bangkok

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