Whizz Through the Weekend

Hello friends! Monday was National Day in Singapore, so those of us here were enjoying a long weekend :)

Well I had a very busy weekend which began with the Family Day at the Zoo. Despite the pouring rain in the morning, the weather cleared up just as the lucky draw was over. Perfect timing! It has been quite a few years since my last visit to the zoo, so I had a pretty lovely time walking around looking at all the animals. Sadly, the animals didn't look too vibrant though. Like the poor white tiger only paced up and down the same 2m of his enclosure. 
Sunday was my first full sunday at Moses' church, Bethany, in more ways than one. It started early in the morning with Sunday School, then stretched through the night as I helped to put up the decorations for Xian n Kathy's wedding the next day.
It took the 3 of us 3 hours to pin the backdrop to the wall. An immense effort.

National Day itself was spent at the wedding. It was beautiful!
Yup, clearly the colour theme for the helpers was white.

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend too!

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