Foodie Confidential

I made these baked mayo prawns today. very pleased with myself :) simple but delicious.
1. deshell and wash prawns.
2. Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of salt on
3. squeeze japanese mayo generously over the top
4. pop into oven  for abt 7 min or until the prawns turn a lovely orange/red colour depending on the size of your prawns.

I also baked happy cupcakes before the wedding on national day :)

Finally, the most awesome food find in awhile.....
Putu piring!!!!
The warm, soft and fluffy cake-like kueh was amazing. the gula melaka inside oozes out when you bite into it and it goes perfectly with the coconust shreds.
And we only decided to stop at the store because we were amazed at the long queue and immense number of awards the store had collected. Well worth the wait, and I think they deserve every single award.
Run by a very hard working family. Can u see the awards on the wall? If u wanna know where the store is, ask me :)

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