Racial Harmony Week

21 July was Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. Set on the Anniversary of the 1964 Racial Riots which claimed the lives of 23 people, it is a day set aside celebrate the rich diversity of cultures that live in harmony today, promote inter-racial understanding, and remember where we came from. 

In commemoration of Racial Harmony Day, I had a self-declared racial harmony week at work, and encouraged my colleagues to be dressed in their ethnic best all week. 

I love how ethnic clothes usually come in brilliant beautiful colors. 

I am thankful for the peaceful diversity we can enjoy in Singapore. Beyond the pretty clothes, we get to enjoy a huge range of delicious food choices, celebrate each other's special festivals (Hari Raya long weekend!), and form wonderful friendships. All these make our lives so much richer.

May we always remember how far we have come and not take these things for granted. 

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