Culinary Adventure In Hanoi

I'm back in the Hanoi summer again. Since i arrived in the evening, i didn't think it was worth a trip for me to head into town for dinner. So doing what every self respecting traveller would do, i walked out of my hotel and found the first local food place with a decent local crowd and no menu. (Plus points for having the owner not speak a word of English) Thankfully, a guy at the next table spoke some english and told me they served duck porridge and that it was good. So he helped me order whatever he was having and left. 5 minutes later, half a boiled duck appeared on my table with a basket of raw greens. My confused face and questions on the whereabouts of my porridge were met with equally confused faces.
So i had half a boiled duck for dinner that cost me about $6+. So much for being adventurous with food options while traveling. I shall have the KFC from across the road tomorrow.

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