Kin and I brought these 5/6-year-olds to Snow City over the weekend. I've been teaching some of these kids how to read every week since last year. You can check out my previous post on them here
All I can say at the end of the almost 3 hours that we spent there is, kids are crazy! 

At that age, the one thing they value over anything else is FUN! Check out their frozen faces in the pic above as we were queuing for the slide in the subzero temperatures. But with mucus running down their noses and ears red from the cold, every time i asked if there were cold, they shouted "NOT COLD!" as they did not what to leave. 
We also learned that the song from Frozen could solve all 5 year old disputes. While the kids were bickering over who to go first on the slide, the Let It Go song came on, and they all burst into song in unison. They knew every single word in the song, and by the end of the song, they were friends again. 

With three children wanting to go on the slide repeatedly, one child refusing to go on the slide, one who seemed to live in his own winter wonderland, and one wetting his pants, they were truly a handful. At least they are incredibly adorable and nobody can fault them for anything. I am so grateful that Kin was there to help out. He was awesome at handling the boy in crisis and was even prepared enough with a stack of tissues for the children's dirty hands when we gave them choc covered biscuits for tea. (Side advertisement for Kin: tall, dark, handsome, smart, single and amazing with kids. Anyone interested?)

At the end of the day, I'm glad everyone had fun, and nobody got hurt. Thank God for His provision and protection :)

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