Back from Bonn Bonn

I'm back from climate change land.

It is a mysterious land where we celebrate the birthdays of negotiating groups. It was a majestic party with many Parties. 
The negotiations on my end went largely smoothly, even as I was co-Chairing one of the agenda items and running from room to room trying to catch up with the clashing tracks that I was also supposed to cover. As always, what made the demanding negotiations bearable and sometimes even enjoyable were the awesome people and for each one of you I am thankful. 

The excellent co-Chair, Parties and Secretariat

The ones who make everyday entertaining

The ones who entertain my request to go see balloons

The ones who keep the spirits up

The ones who love the island life as much as I do, and fight for their survival

The foodies

The delegation that became family

Bonn had been kind this time around. For the first time, the negotiations did not go into overtime and we managed to step out of the Maritim when the sun was still shining. It probably helped that the Bonn summer meant the sun only set past 9pm. Thank God for His little blessings. 
I sure made the most of every minute of sunlight I got this time around. I'll be blogging about more of that a little later. Watch this space.

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