I currently own 3 film toy cameras- 1 holga medium format, 1 holga 35mm and 1 fisheye lomo. Each has it's own endearing quirk. I love using them as you never know how the pics will turn out. And in this age of instant gratification, film cameras keep you guessing until you finish up the roll or film and send them to print. And sometimes, it takes years before I finish a roll of film. *Patience is a virtue*

While sometimes the photos turn out brilliantly, other times, they are a huge disappointment. The roll of film I sent to print recent belonged to the latter category. I had assigned my little brother to use my fisheye during my wedding (almost 2 years ago!), but sadly, there was not enough light and none of the photos could be used. 

On the literal bright side, there were 3 photos in the roll that turned out pretty well. 

At a hipster cafe in Jakarta. I loved that trip even though I was down with food poisoning

Off to see jia jia and kai kai

Meeting junior college friends after many years
A quick tip on using a fisheye, go up close! When I get people to take pictures of my friends and I with my fisheye, they usually don't get close enough, which results in pictures like the above with a whole lot of background and not much of us.

I have filled my fisheye with a new roll of film and I'm excited to head out to take some pics. Anyone up for a photo trip?

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