Day 40 and 41: Jubilation

We were jubilant as the final plenary session was called to a close. The long days and endless circular arguments were over. It would soon be time to head home.
My outfit:
Salmon pink cardigan from Giant (who says you can't find nice stuff at such places?)
Grey shift dress from Nex 
Belt came free with a pair of pants
Angeline's outfit: 
Black blazer form Zara
Dress from Primark
Burgundy shoes from New Look

Since it was going to be our last night in Bonn, we decided to treat ourselves to some good food.
The top rated place according to TripAdvisor was fully booked so we chose to dine at Gasthaus Reduttchen. I'm so glad we did.
Upon arriving at the restaurant, I liked it already. It's essentially a little cottage next to a park.
The whole setting was beautiful and charming. Everything from the cushions to the bread basket exuded a homely atmosphere. The service was impeccable too. The waiter recommended that we get the set menu with between 3-6 courses. And he also offered great wine recommendations. The dishes are innovative and I'm told it changes with whatever is seasonal. I chose a lamb dish which was yum. The dessert was a little strange though. The herb sorbet tasted like medicated oil. Lol. 
On the whole, it was a great experience. If you ever are in the Bonn, you should head here for a nice night out. Take the set menu with the wine pairing. Great value for money.
I woke up with a great sense of anticipation on Saturday as it was the day we were headin home. All our bags were packed and we were dressed for the long journey back. A taxi ride to Siegburg train station, a train ride to Frankfurt, the a 12 hour flight home.
My outfit:
Tank top from Mauritius
Jeans from Mango
Ombré purple scarf from my mom

Angeline's outfit:
Burgundy cardigan from Uniqlo
Stripey boat neck tee from Zara
Mother's scarf and pants

Bye bye Maritim Hotel. Someone aptly described it as "That 70's Show meets the Soviet era". But I'm grateful that we were staying there as I would have been frozen if we had to make a commute. It's also a very functional hotel with the basics. The best part is I could go up to my room to charge my laptop instead of lugging the charging cables around all day. 

Till we meet again. Auf Wiedersehen.

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