The easter musical was lovely. Everyone sang magically and I could almost hear the love overflowing from each heart. That's how the most beautiful music is made right? With hearts of love. This year's musical was on the life of Paul. How one man chose to live his life because of the love and grace extended to him. The story and songs were so wonderfully woven together and by the time we got to the penultimate song, I was close to tears. "One day all the soldiers will go home. They'll cease fighting for the battle will be won. As the captain says 'well done, you've fought the fight the race is won'. Wounded soldier, the war is over, welcome home!" It was my first time helping out in costumes for a production and it was a blessing to be included in the team. It was pretty amazing how the guys were transformed with their constumes and makeup. But what was more amazing was seeing lives transformed by the Lord's grace. The musical will be on again today. 8pm at Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church, 301 Upper Paya Lebar Road. If you have some time, do come by and enjoy the musical and find out more about why Christians comemorate Good Friday and Easter. Come early as seats fill up real fast. Drop me a note if you would like to come. I'll try and save you a seat.

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