All Roads Lead To Rome

My life's road led me to Rome last week. As they say, all roads lead to rome right? I was on a work trip, which meant we hardly had any time off the demanding schedule as usual, but the beauty of the city was unavoidable.
At every turn, we were greeted by an old church, a beautiful ruin or a quaint street. Each whispering of their glory days past.
We walked on paths that gladiators once strode through. We passed the corridors of emperors. We touched walls that witnessed the rise and fall of empires. While streets were filled with tourists, the air was thick with history.
We made the best use of whatever time we had to see the city. Which included walking to our destinations instead of taking a taxi, and brisk walking around the Coloseum just before closing time.
But at the end of the day, while all roads may lead to rome, my heart will always lead me home. And while im grateful for the amazing opportunities I have to see the world, I'm glad to be back where my heart belongs.

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