Kwek Kampong

If you can't tell from my many #kwekkampong posts, and I haven't already raved to you about how awesome it is staying here, let me tell you now, I LOVE the new Kwek Kampong. 

From the big things like its incredibly convenient location, to the details like the peranakan tiles under our main door and the astro turf shoe rack. I thank God for this cozy little home done just the way we like it. 

I could be happy spending all day in the Kwek Kampong (cue tai tai dreams). 

Yet I have come to learn, that the Kwek Kampong, like any home, is at it's best when filled with the joy and warmth of the people who love us. 

So to all our loved ones, the Kwek Kampong doors (and please come and admire our special doors) are always open to you. We also have a spare room and extra bed for anyone who needs a place to rest and a happy home :)

(Though we have had a number of friends over, this was the only time we remembered to take a photo)

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