Home Improvement: Spray Paint

Remember Freecycle that I told you guys about earlier? 
Well, someone had out up this old beat up rattan coffee table on freecycle. When I saw it, I immediately sent a message to the person and promised to pick it up that day. It held so much potential!
Mr Kwek had been dropping comments about how he had no place to put his cup when watching tv or chilling out in the living room area. So I figured this would be just what he was looking for. 

The rattan living room set was a staple in many singapore homes in the 80s. My parents had a set when I was growing up, so did my cousins and I'm sure many of you from my generation would remember something similar in your homes. So this coffee table felt warmly familiar. 

However, most of my living room furniture is part of the rosewood furniture set from the in-laws so they were black. When we brought the coffee table home, it stuck out like a sore thumb. But it was nothing the magic of spray paint can't solve.

Two cans of matte black spray paint later, here it is now. Fits right in with the rest of the home, gorgeously modern yet a nod to a bygone era. 

And now Mr Kwek has a place to put his cup and I can eat while watching the tv.

Thanks kind soul for passing this treasure on. 

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