Remaking a Classic

Remember that little home improvement project that I said I was working on while Carpenter Kwek was hard at work? I have finally completed it!
The kwek parents had generously offered to let us use their very expensive Classic Chinese rose wood living room furniture set. Being dark wood with bright red and gold embroidered silk cushions, it wasn't quite our style. But since it was free, our choice was obvious. Since moving to the new Kwek Kampong, we decided that it was time to make the set work with the rest of our house instead of having all our guests blinded by the shiny red seats. It is amazing how a simple change of cushion covers can make a world of difference to the whole look. 

I had gone to Tanjong Katong Complex and Chinatown to try And get the covers sewn by professionals, but not only did they not have fabulous cover designs, I could not believe that a simple covers would cost me at least $380' all the way to upwards of $900. So I decided to save that money and do it myself. I had lots of beautiful cloth lying at home anyway since I had a habit of buying beautiful cloth whenever I travel. So I dug out 3 of my favorites and got sewing. 
Like the finished products? This has been my biggest project to date. I'm mighty proud of myself *beams*

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