Home Improvement: Bedside Table Cover

What did all of you do over the weekend? 

I had a very productive weekend with another home improvement project :)

I've had a problem with my bedside table for awhile. This is what it looked like.

The main purpose of the bedside table is for my phone and iPad to sit on and charge when I'm in bed. Then there's also the face stuff that I bought recently. I figured having it next to me before I sleep makes it more likely that I will use them. All that made my bedside table a big mess. The bigger problem was that my phone kept falling off the table as it could not balance on top of wires/containers when it vibrated with each message/call.

In addition, we got our bedside tables from a garage sale at $5 each and they had the laminate popping up and cracking, made worse with me plonking my wet cups on top.

What to do? What to do?

Take out my pretty cloth ans sew a bedside table sleeve of course!

Here's what my bedside table looks like now *beams*

My iPad and phone now have their very own pockets to sit in. They can now charge in comfort and they never have to take the scary dive off the table again.

The containers filled with facial goodness have their very own pockets too. easy access to everything and a clear table top.
I added a pretty broken glass coaster (a gift from the US from a lovely friend) so that my wet cups will no longer cause problems.

*Here's a little tip: Put a small piece of a anti-slip pad (the kind people put on their dashboards) under the bedside table sleeve so it will not slip off even if one side is heavier than the other.

Anyone wanna place orders? I could customise one for you for $30 :)

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