Off to Climate Change Land

I'm off on my annual end of year pilgrimage to climate change land- a surreal place where people make "short" interventions that last 20minutes, where a normal work day starts at 8am and ends at 10pm if you are lucky, where a comma  instead of a semicolon could cost you a night's sleep, where thousands a people are cooped up together for 17 days straight to talk about one subject only, and where hopefully *fingers crossed* what we agree on makes a difference to our children's lives. 
To those who will be there too, let's just agree to make the next few days as painless as possible :)
As I sit here waiting for my 1.20am flight and getting my feet massaged by the pain machine, I figured now is a good time to catch up on the outfit posts I have missed along the way. 
In one of my $2 dresses fr Bangkok 
In colorful hand me downs :)

See you all when I get back! In the mean time, any prayers for my survival is appreciated. 

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