Day 171: Warsaw

I arrived in Warsaw yesterday and I'm all bundled up for the cold, wet and dreary winter.
On arrival, I took the opportunity before the madness begins to take a look around. 1st stop was a bazaar 2 blocks from my hotel.
I was hoping to see those big Russian flea market, unfortunatly it was just a fresh produce and clothing market. It was still lovely seeing all the fresh produce. That's the most colour I've seen in this town so far. 
Next stop was the old town which is supposed to be the main touristy area. There weren't many people around though. 
The buildings here were all rebuilt after it was flattened in the war. What I loved was how the facades of each unit was decorated so uniquely and ornately. 
While I was wandering around the old town, I was summoned to attend a meeting, so I had to rush back and I had to figure out the public transport system. Thank God for helpful people around. 

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