Day 164: Reno Diaries

The new Kwek Kampong is shaping up. In the week ahead, the kitchen cabinet surface, lights and plumbing should be fitted and the main Reno works will be complete. Then all that will be left is to settle our doors (I can't believe how incredibly difficult it is to get the doors we want), and window coverings. 

So we have been going down to the flat during lunch times to meet the renovations people and making sure they get the work done properly. The new Kwek Kampong is actually being done up very simply- but it seems contractors don't know how to do simple nowadays and quality of work is really not great. What I cant comprehend is why they can't just get work done properly without us going down constantly, and having to make a fuss just so they do their job. Sigh. 

After another trip down and having to make another fuss to insist that my kitchen cabinet be done decently, (seriously, the basic requirement would be for the drawers to close properly right?!), I decided to buy some drinks for the workers so they don't burn down my house. 

I'm so glad renovations are going to be done soon. On the bright side, we are discovering that there's lots of wonderful food around our new place. So excited to try them all. 

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