What I Wear 24/7

I have been wearing a different outfit everyday for the last 133 days. Yet there is one thing I wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

It has been my faithful companion since I was in primary school. I still remember the time I bought my first one from Yaohan at Plaza Singapura. 

For years on end, it would wrap around me yet it never was a hindrance. At school, at work or at play, under fluorescent lights, under sunlight or under water, through the deserts of Dubai and the Oslo winter. It was my constant companion even through sleepless nights and anxious exams. 

Last week in Beijing, it somehow dropped off somewhere in the middle of the Temple of Heaven. 

When I realized it, it was too late. It was lost in the vastness of the ancient gardens. And I was lost without it. 

Today, after 6 long agonizing days, we are finally back together again. I bought another one exactly like the one I lost. 

My dear Swatch Watch, how I have missed you. Please never leave me again. 

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