Days 124-127: Blessed Beijing

I spent 5 days in Beijing last week for a workshop and those days were filled with blessings. 

The day before I left, my Mom called her friend, who opened her beautiful home to me, which was closer to my meeting venue than the hotel I had originally booked. So I just had a 15min stroll in the cool (but polluted) Beijing air to my workshop everyday.
At the temple of heaven in my jeans, tank top and 10RMB ($2) scarf

Bright blue skies and lovely weather (apparently a rarity in Beijing) surrounded me for 2 out of the 5 days.

The trip to Beijing was also an opportunity for me to meet with old and new friends in the climate change circuit. 
With my friend from the Chinese negotiating delegation who treated me to a yummy dinner, in my tai tai jacket, grey shift dress and black tights
Crashing a gallery opening with the Brazilian delegate in my arty farty scarf, furry black jacket and brown shift dress

 I also had the chance to see a bit of the city in the free time after the workshop :)
In the "traditional" Chinese uniform

Cool shops in town
Watching the flag raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square at sunrise

 I thank God for blessed trips like these, for creating such a wonderful world for us to discover and for brining me home safe to loving arms :)

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