Days 85-87: The Invisible Gorilla

I've been thinking about how easily time can pass us by, as we live with the blinkers of routine firmly in place. Each day, I can take the MRT squashed with a thousand other people yet see no one. I can pass the same elderly folk doing exercise at the fitness corner yet we never acknowledge each other. The office cleaners can work around me everyday, yet I have never learnt their names. The world can change with revolutions and disasters, yet to me, they remain stories in a stack of papers.

This reminded me of the invisible gorilla experiment we learnt about in Psychology class, where people were told to watch a video and count how many times a basket ball was passed around the room. A gorilla appears and walks around during the video, yet at the end of the video, many people never even noticed it.
The experiment demonstrated how we could miss major details while concentrating on something else. In the same way, we can be so focused on fulfilling all the plans we have made for ourselves that we miss the little blessing, the important people and the needs all round us.

So I've been praying that my eyes be open to see all the important things around me. Let's not miss out on the abundant life.
Day 87: Top from my bag of goodies, pencil skirt from a flea, silver shoes from Berlin

Day 86: Remember my friend Angeline? That's us with a special delivery of Astor biscuits from Jakarta.
My pink top is from the bag of goodies, pants from Bysi

Day 85:  I finally got around to running in my MFA run singlet, FBT shorts and Reebok shoes :)

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