Days 83 and 84: Makers, Mario and Me

We went to check out the Mini Maker Faire over the weekend. While it was really quite mini, we still got to see quite a lot of cool stuff. My favourite was getting to see 3D printers in action for the first time!
We also enjoyed the activities by the Sustainable Living Lab which were brilliant, such as:
A drip cold coffee maker made from ordinary household stuff such as hangers and old plastic bottles

Using egg shells as planters

They even made play stuff for children out of recycled/recyclable materials such as this mega Mario!
Top from a long time ago, shorts from the bag of goodies, shawl from my mom

I had a happy weekend. Hope you did too!

I'm still looking for meaningful activities to do or causes to support for 28 for 28. Keep the suggestions rolling in.
Dress from the bag of goodies, leather bag from Saatchi, shoes from Far East

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