Day 65: Class is in Session

After a good break during the June school holidays, my reading class for 4year olds began again. Some of the kids seemed to have bloomed in the last month. The boy who used to cry before class and refused to say anything during class simply trotted in and made some efforts to participate. I was very pleased. The rest were happy to be back and were eager to learn all the new songs stories and games I had prepared. I'm so glad my excitement was matched and even exceeded by theirs.
In light of the start of class, I donned a simple grey tank top (hand me down) and black pants for optimum movement during class. I got these pants as part of a suit I bought in Bangkok last year. I didn't like the straight leg cut so I brought it to my neighborhood alteration lady to have altered into a slim cut for just $7. I like how it turned out :)

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