Day 30: On the Right Track?

I spent today in meetings where I didn't understand what was happening, while waiting for a meeting that did not happen. Truly the pinnacle of productivity.

Today's outfit picture was taken at the tram tracks right outside our hotel/conference venue.

Red dress from a flea market
Black jacket with sequin details from Bangkok
Cream scarf from my mom
Black tights

Jacket from Primark (We all love Primark!)
Pearls from Bangkok
Pants from Zara

The tram tracks run right through our hotel and my room, is directly above it. Here's the view from my room.
Why anyone would build a hotel directly over tram tracks, or vice versa is beyond me. But thankfully, the hotel has pretty good windows, so instead of a deafening roar from the tram passing by, I just hear a gentle rumbling, which I've so far been able to sleep though. 

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