Day 29: Two is Better Than One

Meet my friend Angeline.

When I first joined this crazy process, she told me, that the key to surviving it was finding friends you could connect with. Over the last 2 years, she has been one of those who have kept me sane through the insanity that is negotiations. 

During this trip, we are doing the Different Outfit Everyday challenge together :) 
Since it was the first official day of the negotiations, we were all suited up. Here are our outfits:

Grey suit from OAMC from a flea market (one of my best buys! The tag was still on it)
Sunset scarf from a friend
Black leather shoes from Tangs

Black blazer from Zara
Pleated skirt from ASOS
Black leather flats that she bought (in two colors!) online

One of the things we do to keep sane during our long negotiations trips is to cook our comfort food together. It has evolved from the primitive adding hot water to cup noodles, to what we have today:

Instant noodles with eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, bak kua and seaweed. The ultimate.

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