Whizz Through the Weekend

After a really tough week at work, I had a wonderful weekend. I guess the world is fair :)

Wakeboarding was a really cold experience as it started raining halfway though and I didn't get my tan. But it was still loads of fun. Most people don't understand why we enjoy being pulled behind a speeding boat and drinking buckets of seawater, but the rush is just amazing. Can't wait till we go again!

As a run up to the Christmas season, there was also caroling at Mr Kwek's church and his family Christmas gathering. I also went to get my haircut at a proper salon this weekend and I'm now sporting a funky new hairstyle for christmas!

And of course, the highlight of my weekend, was the surprise party for Mr Kwek! I would consider it a smashing success though he did not look at all surprised when he walked in a saw all his friends there... We still had a good time listening to the snippets of Moses' life, as seen from the eyes of his friends.

It's a short work week this week! Happy!

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