A few posts ago, I blogged about the Poladroid, which made my photos turn into lovely polaroid shots. Then my friend introduced me to Picnik.

Picnik is sort of a web-based photoshop, where you can tweak your photo in almost any way imaginable, soften, changing colour, adding stickers, the list goes on. Of course they also have the polaroid function which I had to try out.

My verdict: If you want to edit/spice up your photos, Picnik is a cool, easy to use webiste that you can spend hours on. But if all you are looking for is something to make you digital prints look like Polaroid shots, I would still recomend Poladroid. It's fuss free and it has more of the feel of a real polaroid.

Hope you guys enjoy exploring Picnik!

Since I haven't posted in awhile, I'm making up for it today with several posts. Come back later!

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