Entering The Next Decade Of Life

I turn 30 today. My birthday was supposed to be a simple day like any other Saturday. The morning was set aside for catching up on household stuff. The first order of business was doing laundry, followed by tidying up the house, which mysteriously gets strewn with stuff over the work week. While I was putting away stuff in the living room, I heard a pop and a crash in quick succession from my kitchen. I thought a small animal had flown in through the window and was knocking over stuff, so I ran to the kitchen. To my shock, my kitchen sink had become a a fountain gushing water into the air and my tap languishing in the sink. People pay big money for a water feature in their home. I got mine for free!

I tried in vain, putting the tap back on and covering the water fountain with my hands... In the mean time, my kitchen was quickly flooding as the water swiftly flowed across my kitchen counter and onto the floor. It finally dawned upon me to turn off the water supply. When I finally found it, I was thankful that an episode of How I Met Your Mother taught me the saying, "righty tighty, lefty loosey". But try as I might, the main tap wouldn't budge and I watched the water meter roll along super quickly. I ran down the corridor hoping to get the help of one of my stronger neighbours, but alas, everyone was not at home. Thank God that after some immense efforts, the tap moved and I was able to turn it off. So I was left with a partially flooded kitchen, wet cabinets and appliances, and a broken kitchen sink/tap. 
I wasn't sure where to begin and Mr Kwek had not returned from his cycling, so I called the other man who I knew would always come to my rescue- my daddy. And after looking at the photos I sent over, my daddy went home to get his tools and swiftly swooped down to my home to save the day. 

Through the whole episode, there was so much to be thankful for. From the fact that I was at home (imagine if this happened on a work day. Horrors), to having a daddy who is a great handyman, to the water somehow avoiding the electrical points of my kitchen appliances (I could very well have been electrocuted eeks!). And I realised that even in such mini crises, God is in control. 

What a way to start my birthday. But as I enter into a new decade of life, I guess this is a sign of things to come. The increase of responsibilities, the learning of new skills I never knew I needed before, and the renewed appreciation for our parents. Above all, whatever the decade ahead throws at me, I know I have a sovereign God who is in control of everything. And with Him as the anchor for my soul, I have nothing to fear.

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