An Ode to An Old Companion

After 10 adventure-filled years of exploring the world together, my regular non-biometric passport finally has to make way for a fancy new biometric one. 

This little red book had traveled with me to many continents, having its pages filled with with the marks of distant lands. Its bright red cover often identified me as a welcomed visitor to these lands, saving me the hassle of tedious paperwork. Coupled with my non-threatening face and demeanor, I almost never faced any suspicion from the gatekeepers (except for the Armenian customs official who had never seen a Singapore passport). 

It had survived being drenched in rain, snow and sweat, and became acquainted with the desert sands and many a scorching sun ray. Together, we traversed land borders, sea crossings and too many miles on planes. I've traveled with loved ones, dignitaries, friends, colleagues and strangers. Yet I had one constant companion. 

As I flip through its pages once more, images from my journeys jump to mind. My heart is filled with gratitude to God for all the people I've met, wonders I've seen and the incredible blessing of journey mercies in my decade as a fearless 20-something out to discover the world. 

My next adventure will be with a new companion. We will probably share many new memories as well. But it will be different. The marks it will bear will document my adventures as I enter my 30s. No longer so wide-eyed, light-footed or carefree. While the travel patterns, places and people will change, my thirst for adventure will remain. 

That's just like life isn't it? A series of journeys that leave indelible marks on our hearts. 

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