In Search of Deer- Wildpark Venusburg Bonn

Having been to Bonn many times, I am usually at a loss for what to do on our precious 1 day off. 
I've just been going down the list of things to do and places to eat on Tripadvisor.
This time, I chose to check out Wildpark Venusburg, based on the 1 review on tripadvisor that I could read. 
Getting there:
Take bus 603 from Bonn Hbf (the main train station and the centre of Bonn). The journey will take about 40minutes and takes you through the residential outskirts of Bonn. Get off at the last stop which is Waldau. 
What to do: 
If you have young kids, they will probably love this place. There is a huge playground made of wood. We don't get such playgrounds in Singapore any more :( Sorry I didn't take a pic.
I was actually expecting a deer park like the Nara Deer Park in Japan, with the deer roaming free. So upon reaching there, we headed into a wooded trail to look for my deer. So we walked...
And walked....
And walked...
And saw nothing but trees and grass.
A look out point. But we weren't sure what we were looking out at apart from grass
Finally, an old man taking his walk in the park stopped to help us and told us that we were walking in the totally wrong area. 

So learn from my mistake. When you get there, walk straight in, then turn left. Walk past the large play ground, then the wildboar and deer enclosures will be on the right. 

The wildboar enclosure. I was sure glad they weren't free roaming

After wandering in the forest for over an hour, I finally found my deer!

While I was slightly disappointed that the deer were not free roaming, what I really liked about the park was that the enclosures were huge! Which means the deer can run around freely :)
I could not see the end of the deer enclosure
I was really happy to find the deer. It was a really warm day (36 degrees celcius!!) So the large deers with their majestic antlers were hiding in the shade.

After the max zoom on my phone
We were really tired from walking by then, so after gazing at the beautiful animals for awhile, we took a walk back to the bus stop and took a bus back to town.
On the whole, I'd say the Wildpark Venusburg would be worth a visit if you have little kids with you or if you have to be in Bonn over a Sunday when everything in town is closed.

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