I was a School Girl Dressed in Blue

"I am a school girl dressed in blue
These are the things that I should do
Bow to the king
And curtsey to the queen
close my eyes and count sixteen!"
SCGS has great self awareness
Anyone remember skipping to this rhyme during recess? I do! My childhood school days were filled with wonderful memories of skipping, playing hopscotch, five stones, catching, scissors paper stone and my all-time favourite- Zero-Point! And all that was done in my little blue uniform.
Clockwise, from top left: With Ms Poon my Pri 4 teacher; with Ms Cho my Pri 3 teacher; with Ms Heng my PE teacher.
Heading back to SCGS on Saturday for the Mee Pok Day was a joy. We caught up with school mates, met our favorite teachers (who still look the same though 2 decades have passed since they taught me), and savoured the warm vinegar filled noodles again. 
Where my taste in beautiful tiles was honed
As we tread upon the beautifully peranakan tiled corridors again, we reminisced about the days we ran down for recess, played games in the amphitheatre, burnt food in the home economics room and dug holes in the ground during Girl Guides. 
We were really privileged girls to have been able to study there. The gorgeous environment we got to study in, the outstanding facilities, the wide range of opportunities and activities made available to us and the strong school tradition. Looking at what the girls do in school nowadays, things only got better, and I totally I want to go back to school again. 
Our memories of SCGS are gold. 
Each one of us was fashioned as precious jade and gold. 

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