Make Me A Blessing

My parents stay in a 3 room HDB flat. It is a humble little home, yet the love that emanates from there could fill the whole neighbourhood.

My parents have opened their home and hearts to many people over the years. From the friends of my siblings and I, to friends of friends, to various people who somehow end up at their door.

In the past few years, my parents have been hosting fortnightly bible study sessions at their home. Every other Friday night, songs of praise can be heard from their home as people gather there to sing songs of worship, pray and study God's word together. 

Last week, a lady showed up at my parents' door around dinner time. She said that she stayed in the opposite block. My mom recognised her as the lady who came from a troubled home with an often abusive husband. Their quarrels would sometimes ring out through the neighbourhood at night and the police would have to be called in as things turned violent. My parents invited her in to share their dinner, and over the food, her story flowed mingled with tears. 

She shared with my parents that whenever there was a bible study session, she would stand at the corridor to listen to the worship songs as the songs would encourage her heart through the troubled times.

After dinner, my mom prayed with the lady, invited her to join in the bible study in the future, and offered a hand of support and help.

My mom told me that she had often thought of reaching out to the lady whenever she saw her in the neighbourhood, but never had the courage to make that step. And now God had brought her to my parents' door step. It is really amazing how God's plans work.

Over the weekend at church, we learnt about having the compassion of Christ as being part of our upward call in life. We also learned how God's plans will not be thwarted by what us humans do or not do. His works are wondrous and He will fulfil all His amazing plans for each one of us.

Hearing what happened from my parents, all these lessons from the bible became real. 
God did not leave the lady alone though my mom did not dare to reach out to her. He moved her to approach my parents instead. 
He did not see that my parents only had a humble little home. He used it to bring blessings to many.
And whenever God opened up opportunities, my parents responded in compassion and love.

Now that the Kwek Kampong is mostly ready, our prayer is that God will use the Kwek Kampong to bless others, just like my parents' home has. And may we learn from the examples before us, to always respond in love each time there is an opportunity to bless others. 

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Saviorboy said...

Thanks for sharing sister. The plenitude of God's love and mercy shines through your testimony. :)

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