Blessed Lunar New Year

I love how everything shuts down on lunar new year's day. As modern and cosmopolitan as Singapore has become, I love how at this time of year, we return to our traditions and roots. While the stores are mostly shut, the heartlands, especially the older estates are alive with people dressed up in a riot of red as people visit their elders and gather with friends and family.  Once in a while, the sound of clanging cymbals and throbbing drums from the lion dance troops can be heard, adding to the festive atmosphere.
Welcoming the year of the horse all decked out in red
Most of all, I love the time that everyone sets aside to meet up with loved ones. Whether these are people that meet up only once a year, or people who regularly hangout, what matters is that this is the time when ties are renewed.
My gongfu family
Maybe it's a sign of growing up/old. But I really enjoyed the Lunar New Year celebrations this year.
Here's wishing everyone of you and your families the Lord's richest blessings in the year ahead. 

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