Days 173-175: Different Outfit Everyday is Back!

Since it has been a week since I got back from climate change land, it's time to continue my DOED posts.
Monday's outfit was a hand me down from my colleague. I'm thinking of shortening it but feeling lazy...
On Tues, my never ending saga of the doors for my new place got me all riled up again :( dressed in one of my $2 dresses from Bangkok and pink cropped blazer from a flea market.
But by wed I was looking up again. I really like this outfit. If not for my DOED challenge, I probably would never have put this together. White tank top, vest from London and hand me down lace trimmed pencil skirt.

I've still been wearing different outfits everyday in the time I was in the abyss but I've been too tired to document them. So the daily count just starts from where I left off. 

Here's a selection outfits I managed to capture while in Warsaw. 
I think the DOED outfit was so much easier in a winter country. When wearing 5 layers of clothes, mixing and matching is easy. There is always at least 1 piece that is different. That said, I'm glad to be back to my warm little island. I am totally made for the tropics.

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