Ordinary Days

There are days when life seems just ordinary. We wake up, do our best to get through the day, go home, sleep and the cycle starts again. These were some of those days.
Clockwise from top left: Winter scarf. pink tank top, leather belt and home-sewn polkadot skirt; red tank top and black pants; hand-me-down pale green dress which made me look like a nurse; home-sewn green dress with knitted vest
Clockwise from top left: hand-me-down pink top and black skirt with my english class workbook; embroidered spag top, denim shorts and leather satchel; purple dress with pink cardi; dress from my mom and home-sewn apron
But if we stop every once in awhile, we may just notice that even the ordinary days are filled with so many blessings. Like my colleagues showering me with warm winter clothes as I prepare for the Polish winter next week. Or the kids that seem to be improving in my English class. Or the friends that still meet up with me over dinner even though they have to wake up at 5 am the next day. Or just the love shown to me in simple ways. For all these I am thankful. Thank God for ordinary days :)
With Mr Kwek :)

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