Days 107-108: OHana in Hanoi

The Oldham Hall family extends to Hanoi! I thank God for this extended family that we have been blessed with all over the world.
Thanks for taking me out and sharing your favourite local food with me.
Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to explore the streets, but I enjoyed chilling at the cafe with a view of the lake and the old quarter, over the famous Vietnamese iced coffee. Now let's hope I can sleep tonight.
Outfit of the day: reversible top and black pencil skirt.
Exotic local food

That's yesterday's outfit of my pink dress and black heels.

Our workshop organizers brought us to a rather kitschy cruise dinner last night. We shared the cruise with a Vietnamese family celebrating a birthday over hotpot n karaoke. We could hear everything from our dining area upstairs. They were clearly having fun. 

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