Take my hands and let them move, at the impulse of Thy love

Upon hearing about my 28 for 28 plan, my mom has been absolutely supportive and has been giving me excellent ideas. Many of which involve me tagging along for all the good things she is doing. Because pf this, I am discovering what a wonderful person my mom is as she does so much behind the scenes.

One thing my mom has been doing is sponsoring the education of a boy in Batam. So she suggested that we make a trip together to visit him and bring along some goodies to bless his family. She promptly got in contact with the pastor over there and set up the visit. Have I mentioned my mom is awesome?

So on Saturday we took a trip together to Batam. Between Mr Kwek and I, we managed to pack 1 big luggage full of good quality clothes for the bible school students there. We also brought over 2 bags of goodies for the church staff, and the sponsored child's family. 

Just an hour's ferry ride away, Batam is a whole different world from Singapore. Thanks to the pastor and one of the bible school students who so lovingly drove us around and served as our interpreters, we got to visit the sponsor child (Ronaldo), see their building project, and participate in a feeding programme at the slum area. I was so richly blessed to see and hear of the faith of the people there and how their faith is shown in how they live their lives. I was touched by their examples of passion, service and generosity even in the midst of having so little materially.

Ronaldo's home

Inside of Ronaldo's home

My mom, Ronaldo, his sister and me

Building of a new kindergarten at the slum area. The bible school students and church members are building it on their own.

While the new premises are being built, a church member has opened up their home for the feeding programme. The couple that own the house just sat outside during the programme as their home was overun by the kids from the neighbourhood. I was touched at their generosity and giving out of poverty

About a 100+ children were crammed into a space about the size of my bedroom for the songs and story time before the food, milk and vitamins were distributed

I was also amazed at how the older children of about 9-10, were looking after their toddler siblings

Preparing the cups for the milk

Preparing the milk

Partaking of the milk
Since coming back from the trip, I have decided to sponsor a child as well. If you are interested, this is the organisation that manages the education sponsorship programme- Care Channels. I can also link you up with the appropriate people if you are interested.

As we have been so richly blessed , it is a privilege to be given the opportunity to be a channel of blessing as well.

28 for 28 may not turn out as imagined, but the lyrics of this old hymn resonates with my heart:
Take my hands and let them move

At the impulse of Thy love.

Take my feet and let them be
Swift and beautiful for Thee.

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