Day 106: Hanoi

Hello friends! I'm now in Hanoi. I'm here for a workshop for 2 weeks. I'll be eating, learning, hanging out with the same group of people for 24/7 the next 10 days. Hopefully, it will be a good time of learning. 
Sadly, I'm here alone, so there's no one to take my daily photo for me. At least, my room has a full length mirror. So we are just gonna have to live with the poor lighting.
Today's outfit was in anticipation of being cooped up in an economy class seat, as well as the heat of the Hanoi summer- top from Sisley, and jeans from Mango. Good choices, if I may say so myself :) 
P.s. let me know if you have any good recommendations for hanoi or sapa. Or if you are here, let's meet up!

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