Catching up on Different Outfit Everyday: Days 95, 96 and 99

We were so excited about getting the keys to our home on day 99 that we forgot to take my outfit post. This was the only pic I got. But it was good enough since our house keys are the hottest accessory.

Just to catch up, here are the outfit pics from the public holidays
Purple flora dress from bag of goodies from day 95
Day 96: The day I became a pizza delivery girl. In my "eat me!" singlet and yellow shorts.
We were helping our friend's mom who owns a pizza delivery place on National day. It seems pizzas are a popular accompaniment to the parade so orders came in fast and furious. I apologies if anyone had substandard pizzas on that day. We were "massaging" stretching dough till my arms ached. I also got a chance to do a delivery run with my friend's dad. It was pretty fun presenting people with their pizzas and facing confused looks as I was not in the usual uniform. Lol

We were rewarded at the end of the day with a delicious pizza that's not on the menu. If it were, I'd order it ALL the time.

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